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Honors and Links

Below are links to my favorite places on the web and honors my site has been awarded. Please book mark this page and take some time to look at some terrific web sites.

If you would like to see more of my work.......

Enchanted Adventures

Buttonwood Par 3 golf


All you ever wanted to know about me...........or not!


My site has been honored as Photography Pod of the week.

Thank You Tripod!

This site was also awarded the above.... Thank you Woody!! I love your work too!!

Woody's site is of art nudes, biker interests and more. Wonderful work, beautiful high contrast images & great bikes.

I happened upon the site of a very talented photographer named Frank Mullin who also uses Photoshop. His images are wonderful to view especially those in the slide show. Hope you can take some time to visit it and see for yourself.

This is an awesome nature photography site that you will enjoy.

Possibly the best nature photo site on the web.The site belongs to two VERY talented photographers, David Leeson and Kim Ritzenthaler. There are also galleries of member's work, contests and more.

My favorite Radio station and a couple really funny guys!!! If you are in Rochester NY join Karlson & McKenzie for the funniest morning show around!!!

Below are links to other Rochester,NY pages. Please take the time to visit.

Max Lent, Rochester, NY Web Pages

Visit @Rochester

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