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Nothing is as wonderful to me as moving water... the sound, the look, even the smell. Nothing comes close to natural waterfalls...whether it be the great Niagara Falls or a little trickle found in the woods. Whether it be millions of gallons or a few ounces going over, it is relaxing to watch... soothing to a tired soul...

"Niagara Mist"

Niagara Falls from the American side

" Little Trickle"

A little part of the Niagara River above the falls.

"Mill Falls"

Near St. Catherines, Onterio, Canada

"Falls, Driving Park Bridge"

One of many along the Genesee river, this is one of 3 in Rochester Ny. Taken from the edge with a little water going over. The local electric co. controls the flow. The next is same falls with all the water going over.

"Falls at Driving Park"

Good salmon fishing at the bottom... but when the warning whistle blows...


"Holley Falls"

Spill over from one of the locks on the Erie Canal, this one in Holley , NY. They made a wonderful park there this summer ('99) and we went swimming in the pond below. The kids sat on the rocks and let the water pound on them.... everything was great untill they saw the water snake!!!

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