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I hope that you enjoy seeing my photos as much as I enjoy creating them. Please bookmark this page and return often. Thank you for visiting.

Lighthouse at Tibbetts Point, 1000 Islands

Marina Reflected

Canal at twilight

Sunset Durrand Eastman Beach

Canal twilight 2

Niagara Mist

Goldfish Pond

Grey day at the marina, Braddocks Bay

Falls At Driving Park, Rochester,NY

August Sunset, Durrand Beach

Snow covered tree line

At long last I have my own site! Tripod has been a great place to display my work and I have been here for years, but the opportunity to have my very own came along and I grabbed it!! I am now:

I also have work that you can view at: Photography by Jude

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Shades of grey

Enchanted Adventures


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Yours Truly, Jude

All you ever wanted to know about me...........or not!

This site has been a labor of love, your opinions the fruits of that labor. I would love to hear your comments, negative as well as positive. Either will help me get better at what I love so much to do. Thank you for your visit. Please recommend me to your friends by clicking on the " Pass it on " button below.

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